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Companies seeking a way to avoid being overcharged for excessive "service charges" and extraneous fees that have plagued the merchant processing industry for years stand to gain some considerable savings benefits by working with Merchant Service Sales.

The latest interchange increases – waving a red flag? Friday, April 8, 2011 (4/13/2011)
MasterCard Worldwide recently released its spring 2011 changes to interchange rates and assessments. Included among them is an increase in the interchange rate for a widely used rewards card called the World Merit III

Payment fraud, rising to the challenge (4/13/2011)
Recent reports about RSA, a leading provider of security and risk solutions, being breached by hackers drives home a critical point: in today's interconnected world no one is immune to fraud

And the breach goes on (4/13/2011)
A slew of recent data breaches have security experts and government authorities scrambling to fix security loopholes and identify possible sources. In the most recent attack, Epsilon Data Management LLC

Merchant Service Sales on CNBC (4/6/2011)
CNBC announces Merchant Service Sales low cost Flat Rate merchant accounta for medical professionals.

PCI SSC dials up call center compliance (4/5/2011)
To mitigate the increasing levels of fraud directed at MO/TO operations, the governing authority of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) issued an educational resource that details...

W-net becomes Women's Network in Electronic Transactions (4/5/2011)
In a desire to keep current and remain relevant, W-net's Senior Leadership Team decided to change the association's name from Women Networking in Electronic Transactions to Women's Network in Electronic ...

'Cheat sheet' cuts Dodd-Frank to size (4/5/2011)
A summary of the1,000-page Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was released by InformationWeek Financial Services. At fewer than 40 pages, the "cheat sheet" summarizes...

Comodo compromise draws swift response (4/5/2011)
In a recent cyber attack, nine secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates across seven domains were fraudulently obtained from a registration authority (RA) affiliated with the Comodo SSL Certification ...

Fifth third seeks innovation through open platform (3/25/2011)
Fifth Third Processing Solutions LLC, the nation's fourth largest bankcard acquirer by volume, in conjunction with IP Commerce Inc., a cloud-computing payment platform developer

Did hackers gain insight into RSA's methodology? (3/23/2011)
RSA, the security division of EMC Corp., reported that its network was hacked and that information relating to its SecurID two-factor authentication product was stolen.

American Express Launches Campaign to Help Cardmembers Experience the Possibilities of its Membership Rewards® Program (3/17/2011)
Campaign Illustrates How Membership Rewards Points Are a "Social Currency" for a Social World

Square gaining momentum despite security concerns (3/15/2011)
Twitter Inc. creator Jack Dorsey released in a statement on Twitter that his mobile payment startup, Square Inc., had reached a milestone. After close of business on March 2, 2011, Dorsey tweeted that Square is processing more...

ETA to launch certification program (3/15/2011)
The Electronic Transactions Association intends to launch the payments industry's first professional certification program this year. The new Certified Payments Professional (CPP) designation will set a uniform standard for professional...

Merchant coalition backs interchange overhaul (3/15/2011)
According to Wolfe, much of the interchange debate has focused on large retailers, but smaller merchants have been hit hardest because most lack adequate capital reserves. "They don't have the corporate backing

Citi and Dynamics Inc. announced today their plans for Dynamics’ Card 2.0® technology - the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Best of Innovations Winner for...

The Marriage of Mobile and Payments (3/9/2011)
The marriage of mobile phones and payments has improved the lives of millions of people in the poorest parts of the globe over the last few years. That's why, for me at least, mobile payments is...

Payments on the fly (3/9/2011)
When Transaction Wireless designed its mobile POS application wCharge, the company had in mind on-the-go businesses that want to be able to accept payments anywhere, anytime. The company believes ...

Under the hood of hybrid cards (3/9/2011)
All new, growing and evolving industries adopt new language and jargon to describe new products, technologies and services. The prepaid card industry is no different. A recent addition to...

Fraud: What to expect in 2011 (3/9/2011)
Fraud losses cost the financial and retail industries over $250 billion annually. Every year, these losses grow as cybercrimes become more sophisticated. The key for banking and payment professionals

Payment Prognostications for 2011 (3/9/2011)
As a new year starts, it is time for "payment experts" to predict what will happen in 2011. Rampant confusion and, frankly, misinformation exist out there regarding the "next big thing" in payments...

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