Get Working Capital Without the Wait

Cash flow is vital to every business. That’s why Merchant Service Sales has made it even easier for our customers to get the working capital they need – when they need it – through a strategic partnership with Zymico Working Capital Financing, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of Merchant Cash Advances.

Learn How Merchant Cash Advances Work

Apply Today! Because of your preferred business relationship with Merchant Service Sales, you may be eligible to
receive some of the most competitive rates offered in this industry.

AdvanceMe’s program is not a loan. You don’t need any personal collateral. There are no monthly checks to write or bills
that will pile up, because everything is handled automatically through your existing credit card processing relationship.

Best of all, each payment amount aligns with your credit card sales. You simply stay focused on growing your business
and AdvanceMe will get paid whenever you get paid!

Just think of how nice it would be to have a check in-hand in just a couple days – cash you can spend on whatever your business needs.

Take advantage of new business opportunities, manage unexpected expenses, and really start taking business to a whole new level.

·dfgRemodel Existing Locations
·dfPurchase Equipment and Inventory
·gdfStart Advertising Programs
·dfdPay Taxes

From beginning to end, it's a simple four-step process:

  • Application
A Merchant submits a quick online form. A customer service representative contacts the Merchant directly for additional information to complete the qualification process. This may include the verification of a number of simple facts about the business and its operations.

  • Transaction
Upon qualification, AdvanceMe purchases a predetermined amount of the business' future credit card receivables at a discount in exchange for a lump sum of working capital, which is deposited into the business' bank account.

  • Collection
The credit card processor automatically sends AdvanceMe a fixed percentage of each day’s credit and debit card sales as and when they are settled (batched).

  • Completion
Collection stops automatically when the full amount of receivables sold by your business is received by AdvanceMe – usually within 12 months (depending on the business' credit card sales volumes).

† Pricing is based on the amount of future credit card receivables that would be sold to AMI per dollar of purchase price paid in exchange. The 1.29 pricing may be available based upon your business' historical and projected credit card processing volumes, and is subject to change. This is an invitation to apply (applicants must satisfy certain requirements to be eligible) and not an offer or commitment to provide capital. Restrictions apply.