Why Choose Us for Credit Card Processing Solutions?


Why Choose Us For Credit Card Processing Solutions?

We pride ourselves in our professionalism and dedication with which we work towards your benefit. For us, client success is vital. We back you at every step of the way starting with the lowest rate in the market all the way till post-sales analysis where we process the end results to make certain that you make the savings we promised. We make it a point to take up projects only if we are certain that we can help our client save money on credit card processing costs.

As a part of business policy and ethics, we make sure that all our transactions and procedures are absolutely transparent right from the beginning so as to eliminate any ambiguity. We understand that it is often extremely difficult for merchants to find hidden costs and fees, which results in ever increasing costs and requires a forensic accountant to identify them. Hence, we make absolutely hassle-free and crystal clear transactions.

In order to opt for the right credit card processing provider, it is essential that you understand the basics of the industry and gain an insight on how certain card types, transaction types and methods of accepting can impact your rates. In order to eliminate any risk of confusion and delays, we assign dedicated service managers to each of our clients. These dedicated specialists make certain that you receive a precisely detailed quarterly comparison, ensuring accountability on our part.

Our Flat Rate Program for Credit Card

Seeing how complex and, oftentimes, unreliable the interchange plans can be, we have launched a new plan, unlike any other in the industry, called "Clear View Rates”. This program offers our credit card processing services at an absolutely flat monthly rate, regardless of your processing or sales volume. This plan will help you:

With transparency in transactions
Reduce credit card processing charges
Eliminate any fluctuations in mark-up
Maintain your merchant account at a fixed, pre-determined rate
Increase your profits

With industrial experts and qualified professionals by our side, we offer bargain pricing, bank direct merchant accounts, free payment gateways, free retail swipe software, free terminals and low cost processing software for merchants.