Restaurant Merchant Processing Services - A Special Recipe for Credit Card Transactions


The kind of services provided by a restaurant are different from services provided by retail or other businesses. That’s why our flatfixedratemerchantsolutionfocuses specifically on restaurant businesses and their requirements.

Why do you need a merchant account?

People choose to eat at a place which offers them better services along with good food. If your business offers them the ease of payment through credit cards, it will certainly get and advantage over those who don’t. Yet, slow or problematic transactions can leave a really bad taste in your customer’s mouth.

People don’t always plan their trip to a restaurant. Mostly, they just drop in for a meal while they are out for some other purpose. With credit cards, they don’t need to worry about the amount of cash they are carrying in their wallets. If your restaurant doesn’t process credit cards, they will have to think twice about withdrawing some cash first. Yet, the chances are that they would prefer some other place where credit cards are accepted.

The Clearview Flat Rate Merchant Processing for Restaurant Industrycardprocessingsolutionthatprovides fast and efficient services to your customers, but also the one which offers you most profitability and advantages. Your business also needs a provider who sets your account up on the correct pricing structure so you are able totake advantage of Visa® and MasterCard’s® small ticket program. Visa and MasterCard’s small ticket program offers the lower per transaction fees and lower interchange rates. If your restaurant is not set up on interchange pass through pricing, your business will not benefit from this program.

A flat fixed rate is charged that does not increase with the volume

The wireless terminal solutionscan decrease the delivery service charge by 40%

We also can provide you a low cost wireless terminal solution

With the Clearview fixed flat Rate you can save up to 15% to 20%

There are no markups

There are no hidden fees and charges

No annual fees, no batch fees, no PCICompliance fees

We also offer gift cards and loyalty rewards to our valued customers

With these extraordinary benefits Clearview merchant processing has done an amazing job in the restaurant business.

We specialize in terminalsandPOS Solutionsfor the restaurantindustry.