Hotel and Lodging Credit Card Processing Solutions - A Better Way for Hotel Owners and Managers to Rest Their Heads at Night.


If you desire to increase your repeat customer traffic and maximize your profits, it is vital that you opt for the most suitable credit card processing solution for your hotel. The way payment procedures are handled by any hotel, reflect the professionalism and quality of the place. Hence, to leave that distinct impression on the minds of your guests, choose our hotel payment processing solutions. We offer you systems that are tailor made for the hotel business like one-key-re-authorization, networking and no-show flags.

Credit card processing has become a very regular and important part of lodging industries. A fast and reliable credit card processing is now considered a part of hospitality that a customer expects from a hotel or lodge. It guarantees customer satisfaction and re-visits.

The services provided by lodging industries are unique and hence the merchant processing needs are also different. Our Clearview flat fixed rate merchant processing provides solutions that are specifically focused and friendly to travel and lodging industries. We offer fast and efficient services which promise its customers with more benefits and profits.

Why Do You Need a Merchant Processor That Understands the Hospitality Industry?

It is needless to say that the ability to process credit card transactions has become extremely important for growth of any business. In lodging industry it is more like a necessity. Most of the customers in hotels and lodges are travelers. Travelling around with a lot of cash is not at all a safe option these days. Frequent travelers prefer paying their bills through credit cards. This is what makes it extremely necessary for hotels and lodges to have a fast and reliable merchant processing service.

We understand that payments and services in the lodging industry are unique. So, it is important to remember that the payment system for this industry has to be flexible and compatible with their requirements and services. That is why you need a merchant solution that adjusts well according to the services you provide and require.

The Clearview Flat Rate Merchant Processing for the Hospitality Industry best services to your customers is very important in a lodging industry. Yet, you can never overlook your own profit and benefits. Many merchant processing service providers will charge you with loads of charges and fees. Also, what happens most of the times is that the charges are increased along with the volume of transactions. Instead of helping your business, these charges lower your profitability.

The Clearview merchant processing uses the flat fixed rate pricing. In our flat fixed rate structure, the charges don’t change with the volume. Lodging industry can take advantage of this transparent billing and pricing structure with a solution specifically designed for its need. Following are the benefits and advantages that hotels and lodges can get with our Clearview merchant processing account.

hotel credit card processingYou get an account that suits the specifications of your industry

hotel credit card processingWe provide a $99 flat rate merchant processing accounts for hotels

·hotel credit card processingPer transaction fee is 9 cents only

·hotel credit card processingNo other hidden charges and mark ups

·hotel credit card processingWe will also provide terminal and software solutions

·hotel credit card processingYou can save up to 15% -20% guaranteed

·hotel credit card processingWe also offer gift cards and loyalty rewards

These advantages will not only be advantageous for the hotels and lodges but is also the key to growing your customer’s loyalty and repeat business.