More Profitability With Mobile and Wireless Credit Card Processing

Utilizing our wireless or mobile credit card terminals allows your business to process credit card transactions from anywhere. We provide wireless terminals and mobile phone applications to lower your businesses credit card processing costs, reduce fraud,collect payments immediately, and reduce the risks of chargeback's.

Now, if your business is on the go all the time, you need a merchant processing solution that goes with you. Wireless credit card processing has been around for a while and now Mobile credit card processing is also available. Wireless and Mobile credit card processing are the best solutions for retail or online businesses that offer delivery services such as dry cleaners and restaurants.The Point of Sale processing was made possible by wireless processing terminals. Wireless terminals improved the speed and profitability you get from credit card processing. These small and compact devices use Store and Forward technology. The technology is incorporated in most of the wireless terminals. This allows you to process a transaction and get receipt even without a phone line. The transactions are stored in the device and processed later when network is available.

More Mobility with Mobile Processing

The wireless POS processing has been around for a while, but can you imagine something even better than that? Cell phone wireless credit card processing gives us just another reason to love the cellular technology. Many cellular companies and credit card processors are now opening new business horizons by giving you the freedom of mobile credit card processing. VeriFone,for instance is offering PAYway, paving way to turn your iPhone into a processing terminal.

Benefits of Going Wireless or Mobile

Wireless merchant processing device can help you do business beyond bounds. Imagine being able to process transactions at an exhibition, customer’s home, seminars, tradeshows, etc. The wireless Point of Sale terminals offer such freedom. Let’s take a look at some more amazing things a wireless credit card processor can do for you.

Wireless and mobile processing terminals are compact and portable. Some are so small that you can even keep in your pocket or utlize your cell phone

The possibilities of locations where you can accept credit card payments are unlimited. Ever imagined making a sale and receiving credit card payment while travelling in a subway train?

The operating expense is lower as you won’t need the expense of extra phone line to connect your terminal.

Wireless terminals require card swipes. Swiping the cards reduces the risk of frauds. Therefore, the charges are also low due to lower risk.

Visa and MasterCard have lower rates for processing swiped credit card transactions verses keying them in manually.

Taking advantage of the cellular processing, you are now able to process transactions through your cell phone.

Taking advantage of time and cost efficient wireless and mobile processing, you can take your business to new heights. It will give you a faster edge and your customers more convenience and satisfaction. Your business will also profit from lower credit card processing rates, reduction in errors, fraud, and costly chargeback's.

PAYware Mobile Credit Card Processing


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