Medical Professions A Cure for Your Credit Card Processing Problems

No one understands the importance of curing others’ problems better than medical professionals. A profession dedicated to the wellness of mankind. Yet, even they are not immune to the credit card problems and bad merchant accounts.

A slow and problematic transaction can be really uncomfortable for the patient and professionals alike. As a matter of fact, the receivers sometimes have to face more troubles because of all the charges and tricky pricing structures from their credit card service providers. Our flat fixed rate merchant processing solution designed specifically for medical professionals offers the most profitable solution for doctors, medical labs, hospitals, social workers, and clinics etc.

Why do you need a merchant account?

It is a dilemma that most of medical professionals don’t realize the importance of credit cardprocessing in their noble profession. Sometimes, they might also overlook this option to avoid all the mysterious charges and pricing hassles.

In a profession so closely related to emergency cases, it is understandable that patients won’t always have the time to bring along enough cash payment. They are most likely to prefer payments made by their credit card which travels along them all the time. Also with the economy so many families only option to gain access to medical care both routine and emergency is to pay for the services with their credit card.

As a medical professional, you would never want your customers to suffer from payment problems. You also wouldn’t like to go through the painstaking process yourself. Managing payment processing efficiently is as much crucial to this profession as for any other business.

The Right Solution for Your Medical Profession

The nature of medical professions is very unique and the service provided is also different than in other fields. Understanding this fact, we have introduced a merchant account solution that is specifically designed to meet a medical professional’s credit card processing requirements.

Whether you are a dentist, veterinarian, general physician, cosmetic surgeon or any other medical professional, our flat rate merchant account is the answer to all your cash flow problems.A flat rate merchant account offers a much better saving potential than any other pricing structure. No matter how many transactions you conduct, only a flat fixed rate is charged.

Our ClearView Flat Fixed Pricing Merchant accounts for all medical professionals will offer you following benefits.

The fixed flat rate for medical professionals is just $40
Per transaction fee is $ 0.10 only
Our no markup policy helps our customers to save up to 15% to 20% guaranteed
We don’t charge our customers with mysterious hidden charges
We offer our customers exclusive Gift cards and Loyalty reward programs

The above advantages have made payments very convenient in the field of medicine. With the decrease in benefits paid for by insurance providers, the medical professional can profit by saving an extraordinary amount of money in merchant processing costs every month.